About Us

Who Are The Ingrahams?

Hi! We're Alyssa (Aly) and Joshua (Josh) Ingraham. We're a disabled couple who love having fun, traveling, and proving naysayers wrong. Josh had always been told when he was younger that his heart condition meant he couldn't play sports, donate blood, or really be active at all. Josh also has hearing aids and is legally deaf, but despite those odds, he makes up the best part of us as a team as the guy who gets things done. Aly had always loved staying active when she was younger but was unable to do high-stress activities or really play due to severe allergies, a lung condition that doctors have described as early COPD, and manic depression. Even still she makes up the goofy, adventurous but focused side of the couple.

Why We Do What We Do

We travel, go on adventures, and push our limits because like so many others we've always heard what we can't do, what's not socially acceptable, and that we shouldn't take chances and push limits; and we've decided to live life anyway and hopefully insipe others like us to do the same thing!

Where are we now?

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